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JavaScript-native developer toolkit
for cloud-native deployments
We're building an open source serverless toolkit designed for JavaScript's culture and ecosystem
Infra compiler

Idea to architecture in seconds

Notation compiles code that can be written intuitively into infrastructure that can't. Many of the quirks of cloud providers are encoded into the framework.
import * as eventBridge from "@notation/aws/event-bridge";
import { sendAlert } from "runtime/alert.fn";
  name: "alert-every-minute",
  pattern: eventBridge.rate(1, "minute"),
  handler: sendAlert,
Hot infra replacement

The cloud as your local dev environment

Quickly spin up ephemeral stacks on production infrastructure. Then watch them update in realtime as you code.
End-to-end types

Catch errors before you deploy to production

Notation provides well-designed types for every resource, and ensures compatibility between infrastructure and runtime modules.
Type safe code example


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