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For the small teams
building big things
An open source framework that makes serverless development a breeze
npm create notation@alpha
Infra from code

Go from idea to architecture in seconds

Stop wrangling cloud platforms. Write code that makes intuitive sense, and let Notation compile the infrastructure that doesn't.
import * as eventBridge from "@notation/aws/event-bridge";
import { sendAlert } from "runtime/alert.fn";
  name: "alert-every-minute",
  pattern: eventBridge.rate(1, "minute"),
  handler: sendAlert,
Hot module reloading

The cloud as your local dev environment

Quickly spin up ephemeral stacks on production infrastructure. Then watch them update in realtime as you code.
Type-safe infra

Catch errors before you deploy to production

Notation reduces the surface area of cloud APIs, and provides end-to-end types. It even ensures your infrastructure and runtime modules are compatible.
import { api, router } from "@notation/aws/api-gateway";
import { greet } from "runtime/runtime.fn";
const demoApi = api({ name: "demo-api" });
const demoRouter = router(demoApi);
demoRouter.get("/greeting", greet);
import { handle, json, LambdaConfig } from "@notation/aws/lambda.fn";
export const greet = handle.apiRequest(() => {
  return json({ message: "hello world" });
export const config: LambdaConfig = {
  service: "aws/lambda",
  memory: 64,

Why Notation?

Reasons to adopt it for your next project

Unlock the benefits of serverless
Get the good parts of serverless, without the typical drawbacks
  • Elastic scale
  • Volume-based pricing
  • Maintenance-free services
  • Slow dev cycles
  • Complicated architecture
  • Difficult-to-maintain code
Focus on your USP
Notation abstracts away cloud complexity so you can focus on business
  • Solving business problems
  • Iterating and shipping quickly
  • Learning by doing
  • Fixing infra problems
  • Long iteration cycles
  • Trawling through docs


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